Children’s Department Library Visits and Appointment Scheduling for the UCPL’s Continued Summer Reading Program, 2020

Continued Summer Reading Program, 2020

Following the success of our “Imagine Your Story” Summer Reading Program, 2020, it is a pleasure to announce that in support of  Children’s Summer Reading, we have continued to have the Children’s Department open by appointment this Summer!!**

In moving forward toward re-opening the library we are progressing a step at a time and exploring having parents and guardians come directly into the building to personally make reading materials selections available, rather than limit our collection access to remote and contactless or curbside pick-up. Please understand that this opening of the Children’s collection is in support of our local and regional children and their needs, and as such, for now, the main floor will not be open for public access.

Because of the regional and ongoing impact and continued presence of the Covid-19 virus, and in accordance with recommended and state required health and safety measures for the public and library staff, there will be some changes to how we will be able to serve the public as we continue to assess the success of this process as well as any regional developments regarding the impact of the virus which might necessitate future changes.

To make this transition to opening the library successful, it will necessitate some adjustments and changes in services, and with these changes the continued support and understanding of our community in doing this process as follows:

Please Help Us…

-Please wear a mask when you are inside the building with us, and when we are serving you.

-Please wear a mask over your nose and mouth whenever near others.

-Please wear a mask whenever possible.

1. We thank you in advance for wearing a mask in support of our library staff and in the effort to protect the health of members of our community from the spread of COVID.

2. The Children’s Department will be open to the public for book selection and checkout by appointment.

–Youth 16 and under must be accompanied by an adult, and the adult and youth, as best as possible, should remain in sight and sound of each other during their visit (there are flexible exceptions to this).

3. For the time being, public access hours to the Children’s Department will be slightly reduced on a daily bases from traditional service hours. Likewise, there will be a temporary limit of 10 books per library card. This is needed to allow library staff to prepare for the arrival of the public, attend to surface and area disinfecting as needed through each day, as well as other typical and routine collection management tasks.

–The Children’s Department area will be available to the public by appointment on: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday between 2:30 – 5:15 PM; and Saturday between 11:30 AM – 2:15 PM.

–For the time being, we ask that families visiting the Children’s Department self-limit themselves to only the most immediate members of the family/household.

–For the time being, we ask that where practical, families self-limit the number of family members coming into the Children’s Department to the smallest number possible.

4. For the time being, it will be necessary to phone the library at 765-964-4748 and ask to speak with Miss Becky in the Children’s Department to make an appointment in advance for a specified date and time (you may also make an appointment during your scheduled library visit for a future date and time).

–To accommodate as many folks a day as reasonably possible, each appointment will be limited to a 15 minute block of time for: dropping off books, making a new appointment, selecting and checking out new books.

–We ask that in being considerate of others, that you keep to your appointment block of time without coming in early or going over late.

–We ask that if you cannot make your appointment that you call ahead and let us know so that the time slot may be made available to others.

–We ask that you understand that if you are late in arriving for your appointment that you will still be limited to when your designated block of appointment time ends, so that we do not infringe into the scheduled appointment times of others.

(**Please note that any of the above can change as needed.)