Government Offices, Agencies, and Services

Union City:

Union City, Indiana, Municipal Web Portal – This site provides government offices and services content, as well as local history, events, Chamber of Commerce, and economic development information.

The Village of Union City, Ohio – Municipal Web Portal – This website contains information about government offices and services, as well as links for local, regional, and state resources.

Randolph Easter School Corporation, serving Union City, Indiana – This website contains current information about the Randolph Eastern school district.

Mississinawa Valley School, serving Union City, Ohio – This website contains current information about the Mississinawa Valley school district.


Randolph County:

Randolph County Government Offices and Services

Randolph County Extension Office

Randolph Economic Development Corp

Randolph County Indiana Convention and Visitors Bureau – This site provides events, travel, and tourism information for within Randolph County.

Art Association of Randolph County – This site provides information on the visual, performing, and literary arts of Randolph County. The executive office of the association is located at the Arts Depot, in Union City.



Indiana State Government – This is the official website for the State of Indiana. It contains contact and content information on government, legal, business, education, resident, tourism, recreation services and interests, and more.

Gateway Indiana – “This dashboard service was built to provide a straightforward view of key metrics that have been collected and are of interest to all Indiana residents – tax rates, income, spending, employment and school corporation metrics.

The taxing units in Indiana include all counties, cities, towns, townships, school corporations, public libraries, water & sewer districts and special districts.

To find out which units comprise your taxing district (it’s simple –just type in an address!), go to the Report Builder and click on the “Search by Address” tab.”

FINDER – Indiana Disability Resources – This is the official website for the State of Indiana regarding resource information pertaining to disabilities. FINDER is an online tool developed through an initiative funded by the AWS Foundation of Fort Wayne, Indiana. FINDER gives people living with disabilities FREE, 24/7 access to a comprehensive range of community resources designed to improve their quality of life. FINDER connects people with the service providers, organizations, events in their community, webinars, podcasts, blogs, scholarly articles, and other information of interest to them. FINDER supports local communities anywhere in Indiana.


Tax Resources and Forms:

Federal Taxes Information – to download or print Federal tax forms.

IRS Forms and Publications – This site provides a full list of all IRS forms and publications (as of January 2019) which are provided in PDF format.

The New IRS Form 1040 – “The new Form 1040 will replace 1040 EZ and 1040 A for a streamlined and simpler form.”

Indiana Taxes Information – to download or print Indiana tax forms.

Ohio Taxes Information – to download or print Ohio tax forms.


Court Forms: – This Indiana State site provides self-help information and forms for divorce, child support, small claims, appeals, and other.


Public Records Request Forms: – “The Public Access Counselor provides advice and assistance concerning Indiana’s public access laws.” This website offers information and forms for access to public records.


Federal Government Fuel Economy and Auto Guide – This federal government website provides consumer support information for automobile fuel economy from 2009-2020, calculating Miles Per Gallon, comparisons of autos, tips for purchasing vehicles, tips for saving fuel and money, and more.
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