Policies and Rules General Statement:

Like all other Indiana libraries, we have detailed policies and rules and expectations regarding lots of stuff, like, safety, individual conduct and behavior, for computer and internet use, for acquiring a library card along with borrowing privileges and user responsibilities…but at the base of all this, what we ask is that “everyone be respectful and nice to each other and the library.”  How simple is that?

Here are a few housekeeping items we need to cover briefly:

Getting a Library Card –

You will be pleased to know that it is easy, takes only a few minutes, and that we want you to enjoy having and using a library card.  If you have any questions, the library staff will be glad to assist you.

Basically…To apply for an Evergreen Indiana library card, applicants must present proper identification that establishes that the individual resides in or pays real property taxes on property owned within the Union City Public Library’s service area of Union City, Indiana, and Jackson and Wayne Townships of Randolph County to be eligible to receive their card. (Note: There are some exceptions to this, which also permit non-residents to enjoy having a library card with us.)

Proper identification is one of the following items – provided the item is a photo identification.

-A valid Indiana Driver’s License which shows the current street address;

-or valid Indiana State Identification which shows the current street address;

-or valid current United States government issued identification (i.e. military ID, passport) which shows the current street address.

If the photo ID lacks the current street address, not a problem, simply bring one of the following items along with an approved state or federal photo ID:

-a Property tax receipt issued in the applicant’s name;

-or a utility bill with the current street address (less than 60 days old) in the applicant’s name;

-or a piece of cancelled mail addressed to the applicant at the current street address (less than 30 days old)

For additional details and information regarding borrowing privileges, additional free services, renewing items, placing holds, and more, please click here to see: Circulation Policies and Information

Borrowing Privileges –

We look forward to seeing you at the library, assisting you with your needs, and lending you materials, but in order to best serve you, we have a few things we need you to know.

A patron must present a card each time they wish to borrow materials and their account must be in good standing to borrow materials.

In most cases, a maximum of 100 items may be checked out simultaneously on an Evergreen Indiana library card.  There is a maximum limit of 10 DVDs, 10 videos, 6 art and 1 gaming software items per Evergreen Indiana library card.  Borrowing limits are calculated at the consortium level and not at the library level.

If a patron forgets their Evergreen Indiana card, they should:

-Return to the library after retrieving their library card (in this instance, materials may be held for a limited time pending the patron’s return).
-Purchase a replacement library card for two dollars ($2). (See procedures above for issuing replacement library card.)

Borrowed books and video materials being returned should be left with a staff member at the Circulation Desk to be checked back in. Borrowed library items may also be left in the Library’s Drop Box at the front entrance of the building whenever the library is closed.

Overdue materials incur fines of 25¢ per day per item with a $10.00 fine cap per item. Patrons may pay all or a portion of overdue fines. If fines exceed $10.00 the patron’s record will be blocked or barred until the fines and fees are paid or the patron has resolved the matter with the particular library to restore his or her privileges.

For additional details and information please click here to see:  Borrowing Privileges Policy

Patron Code of Conduct –

We ask that all library patrons and visitors be guided by a common sense of decency, kindness, goodwill toward others (and Library staff and policies), and appropriate public behavior so that everyone can enjoy their visit to and time at the Library.

You can click here for a list of: Conduct Rules

Computer and Internet Usage Policy –

We want you to feel comfortable using our computers, but please keep in mind that use of the Internet at the Library is a privilege, not a right, and inappropriate use will result in a cancellation of this privilege.

Here are some basic things you might want to know:

-Use of the Internet is free,

-you do not need a library card to use the Library’s computers,

-computers cannot be reserved,

-computer printing from the Internet in black and white and in color is available for a fee,

-use of personal software or programs on the Library’s computers is not permitted,

-and patrons wishing to save files must email them to themselves, or provide their own portable drive.

For additional details and information please click here to see: Computer and Internet Usage Policy

Internet Acceptable Use and Safety Policy –

The Library expects that computer and Internet users will behave and not engage in or conspire to do naughty, hurtful, or illegal stuff while using the Library’s public provided computer services, resources, and Internet access.

The Library makes access to the Internet available through dedicated workstations for free, but in doing so the Library makes no warranties, expressed or implied, with regard to how the computers or printers or Internet connection are performing at any particular time.

Equipment and connections are provided and used “as is”, with no liability to the library.   The Library Board and employees are not responsible for the information that is accessed and obtained while using the Library’s equipment or connections.  Library users are responsible for the access points they reach on the Internet.  Also, parents and guardians assume responsibility and all liability arising from their minor children’s use of the Internet at the Library.

For additional details and information on this please click here to see: Internet Acceptable Use and Safety Policy