UCPL Special Collections Resources

Union City Public Library has a fine collection of unique local and regional resources well regarded for genealogical family history and historical research.
The following content is a small sampler of available materials held in the library’s permanent Reference and Archive materials collection. Simply click on the title links for additional information on each. Items listed on these pages are for use within the library and are not available for borrowing or institutional inter-library lending. Please see a staff member if you have questions or need assistance.

Union City and Winchester, Indiana Newspaper Archive on Microfilm – This newspaper collection focuses on Union City, Indiana, but extends to also cover Winchester and Randolph County, Indiana, and into Darke County, Ohio, with attention given to Union City, Ohio.
The holdings are currently comprised of 527 rolls of microfilm. The publication dates on these microfilm rolls cover January 2, 1873 to December 31, 2016. The date range covered is not all inclusive, as there are some date gaps within some rolls of film for unknown reasons. (Please see the link above for a list of newspaper titles, dates, and available content information.)
(Note: January 1, 2017 to December 31, 2018; January 1, 2019 to Present are hard copy print, not on microfilm.)

Union City and Region Newspaper Content – Print Form Resources – The content listed here is in bound hardcopy form, there are no microfilm or digital copies. The different resources found here include bi-weekly publications, 1976 Bicentennial news, regional facts and trivia, newspaper abstracts, newspaper clippings, scrapbook volumes, military service, death notices and obituaries, births, marriages, probate announcements, wills, and more.

Marriage Records of Randolph County, Indiana – These different publications are hardbound and collectively span 1819-1839; 1840-1851; and 1897-1901, and are organized by date and surname.

Historical Regional and State Maps Resources for Indiana and Ohio
This list of maps is not all inclusive of what is available within the library’s holdings for research purposes; included here within this “sampler” is content from Union City (Indiana and Ohio), Indiana and Ohio Counties, indices, archeological locations, Plat Books, map content from actual surveys, and ranges in date between 1865 – 2000’s.

Randolph County, Indiana, and Regional Cemetery Records – These different publications cover Randolph County, Indiana burials 1925-1991; tomb inscriptions, cemetery cards, cemeteries of Randolph County, burial records, and more.

Civil War Veterans and Widows Records – Ohio 1890 – This collection contains seven rolls of microfilm and represents the thirty-nine Ohio counties found within the list.

Federal Census Records on Microfilm – UCPL has a limited collection of State records for Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Tennessee, and Virginia. There are also County census records for Randolph, Wayne, Jay, and other miscellaneous counties of Indiana, and Darke, Preble, and miscellaneous counties of Ohio.

Vertical File of Union City and Regional History and Events – A filing cabinet of news clippings and pamphlets might seem arcane and anachronistic in this modern age of computer assisted filing, resource maintenance, and information access, however, such an “old fashion” system is still highly regarded for its quick ease of use for some materials and formats. With this in mind the Union City Public Library still maintains a vertical file cabinet containing files of assorted local historical and regional information regarding events, architecture, individuals, groups, organizations, and more which is unique to this area. Please ask a member of the library staff for assistance when needing to use this “hands-on” resource.

Public School Yearbooks – Public school yearbooks are a recognized and valued resource for genealogy and historical research. The library’s holdings include yearbooks for the Union City, Indiana, public school system from the mid 1930s to the mid 2010s, as well as yearbooks for the former Jackson Township public school of Randolph County, as well as a collection for the Union City, Ohio school system of Mississinawa, the Hoosier Pioneer of 1926 and 1927, Waynette of 1956, the Saratoga of 1940, and a few publications of The Chief of Greenville High School, Ohio, from between 1937-1961.

-In addition to the above we have A Hoosier School Heritage, for Ward Township, Randolph County, Indiana, published by the Ward Township School History Committee (ca. 1982).
-We also have the History of the East Side School, Mississinawa Valley Schools, 1884-1974, of Jackson Township, Darke County, Ohio, (Researched and Compiled by Barbara Patterson Boyd, 1974).

Union City Telephone Directories – from 1919-2014
(Note: Please see library staff for assistance.)

Polk Directories :
Union City, Indiana – from 1965-2000
Winchester, Indiana – from 1992-2000
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