Patron Code of Conduct

In order to create an environment which is inviting, comfortable and safe for everyone, and is in support of the library’s mission.  As per the Board of Trustees and the Library Director, the following behaviors will not be tolerated.  Engaging in one or more of these behaviors may result in suspension of use of the Library either for a defined period of time or permanently.

-Leaving children unsupervised

-Improper Internet usage

-Verbal or physical altercations



-Eating and drinking



-Cursing, obscene or abusive language

-Using or bringing controlled substances in the Library or on the grounds

-Removing Library materials or equipment without checking these out properly by Library staff at the Circulation desk

-Misusing, damaging, defacing and/or removing without authorization anything from the building and grounds

-Running, shouting, and/or roughhousing

-Playing in the elevator or on the staircase including running on the stairs

-Disturbing others’ right to privacy and/or need for immediate personal space

-Disturbing others with loud talking, including use of portable phones and other electronic devices

-Coming into the library without wearing shoes or shirt, and/or appropriate public attire

-Skateboarding, roller-skating, or inline skate use

-Excessive displays of affection, or sexually inappropriate conduct

-Possession of weapons – carrying weapons of any type on Library property is not allowed except by law enforcement officers

Persons who violate these rules will be asked to leave the library premises, or, when appropriate, will be subject to arrest.  Repeated violators and/or those who refuse to leave will be subject to arrest and prosecution under Section 35-43-2-2 of Indiana Code entitled, “Criminal Trespass.”

Approved June 7, 2005 by UCPL Board of Trustees