Public Computer and Internet Usage Policy


Patrons may use the public computers on a first come first served basis for an hour at a time. If no other patron is waiting to use the computer, the first patron may continue until such time a patron is waiting, at which time he/she may be asked to relinquish the computer. Adults are permitted priority use of UCPL computers over Youth for specific use or projects, but only at the discretion of library staff.

Youth may use the public computers on a first come first served basis for a half hour at a time (30 minutes), followed by a half hour period of being off of any UCPL computers. Students are always welcome to use their school provided Chrome Book, or a laptop computer as needed or desired at library tables. Students engaged in school related research work should see the Library Director or Staff for exceptions to UCPL computer use time limits.

Users of the computers are expected to have a basic working knowledge of personal computers and the software. Library staff will assist patrons in startup and provide paper for the printer. Library staff is under no obligation to assist patrons in the use of computers beyond these duties.

Patrons may print from the computers at fifteen (15) cents per page, except for the color printer at the cost of twenty-five (25) cents a page. Patrons may use their own paper, but the same charges apply. Patrons wishing to save their files to a portable drive must provide their own drive. No materials or files will be saved on the hard drives.


Use of the Internet is a privilege, not a right, and inappropriate use will result in a cancellation of this privilege. The Union City Public Library provides the Internet for educational and informational purposes and users are asked to use the Internet for these purposes only.

1. Use of the Internet is free of charge to patrons of the library.

2. Internet time will not be reserved. It will be available on a first come, first serve basis. A maximum of one (1) hour may be used at any one time, including print time.

3. All printing or downloading must be completed 15 minutes before closing time.

4. Printing from the Internet is fifteen (15) cents a page at the black and white printers and twenty-five (25) cents a page at the color printer.

5. There will be NO use of personal software or programs on the Internet computers.

6. Patrons wishing to save files to a portable drive must provide their own.

7. The Library Internet stations cannot be used as an e-mail address for individuals or businesses (i.e. may not obtain an e-mail address connected to the library’s website.)