Randolph County, Indiana, and Regional Cemetery Records

Randolph County, Indiana Burials by Cemetery – each volume organized alphabetically by cemetery name in a total of five volumes, and the information content of each cemetery is organized alphabetically by family surname (vol. I, 1925-1928; vol. II, 1932-1939; vol. III, 1940-1944; vol. IV, 1945-1950; vol. V, 1984-1988, and 1991).

Union City Cemetery Cards, Randolph County, Indiana – in two volumes. Volume one alphabetically covers A-J; Volume two covers K-Z. The date range of burials is ca. 1857-1979.

Cemeteries of Randolph County, Indiana – a collection and compilation of the work of several contributors, material published between 1976-1983, presented in two volumes, each volume has an index. These volumes are organized alphabetically by cemetery name, and include lists of individual and family names (some include section and lot numbers), cemetery history and maps, and a few newspaper clippings. Volume two also includes the mention of a few cemeteries from the adjacent Darke County, of Ohio.

Cemetery Inscriptions of Randolph County, Indiana, recorded and compiled by Wagner, Beverly Hoot (1982) – in two volumes. Volume I (recorded September 1980 – April 1981) – Maxville/Woodlawn Cemetery; Volume II (recorded September 1980 – April 1982) – covering Green Township, Monroe Township, Stony Creek Township, and including New Dayton Cemetery in Franklin Township.

Union City Cemetery Burial Records, 1851-2012, of Union City, Indiana, in eight notebooks. This unique compilation of this cemetery’s burial information was recorded by hand from original records with great care by Wilber E. Reynolds. The notebooks are organized by year, and surnames found within each year are organized alphabetically.

The content includes:
-Notebooks 1-5 include general cemetery records of burial; a section entitled “Honor Roll,” which are entries of those individuals who had served during World War One and where they are buried, and when they died; a membership roster list of the Orville N. Stover Unit # 158, of the American Legion Auxiliary.
-Notebook 6 is a listing of individuals with Unknown or Unmarked Burial Site Locations
-Notebook 7 is a listing of individuals with Unknown or Incomplete Date of Death information
Note: There is content within these notebooks not currently contained in online website resources like, Find A Grave.

Buena Vista Cemetery, Union Township, Randolph County, Indiana (1983).  This publication contains a cemetery map which is divided by section and number locations, the individual tombstone inscriptions are organized by individual names within each cemetery section.  Note: There is no surname index.

Mt Gilead Cemetery, Greensfork Township, Randolph County, Indiana, (1989), in one notebook coming from a limited edition of twenty-five copies, compiled by Anna Lou Arnett,  The content includes cemetery history and records, tombstone records, maps, photos, church history and membership, and individual and family biographies.  The cemetery is located  on County Road 900 South.

Cemeteries in Jackson Township (Randolph County, Indiana), this publication covers the “Old” Pleasant Hill Cemetery, and contains tombstone inscription records, is organized row by row of lists of individuals by surname and first name, and has a surname index.  The cemetery is located near to the intersection of North 1000 East and South 800 East (on the border between Randolph and Jay counties).

Tomb Inscriptions in Wayne County, Indiana (printed in 1968/69) – in four volumes with index.

Beech Grove Cemetery Records, Muncie, Indiana (1828 – 1899).