Union City and Region Newspaper Content – Print Form Resources

Wayne Township News, of Randolph County, Indiana Newspaper: this is a bi-weekly publication regarding local events.
September 26, 1927 –May 1, 1928
Note: This collection is hardbound in a single volume, and held in the Reference Room.

1976 Bicentennial Newspaper and other Facts and Trivia (printed 1984) compiled by the Randolph Southern Historical Society

Regional Newspapers Printed Resources – Including Indices, Abstracts, and Clippings:

Union City Times (newspaper) Abstracts – bound volumes, January 1880 – December 1965;
News Gazette (Union City, Indiana, and Randolph County) Abstracts – bound volumes, January 1966 – December 2010.

Clippings from the (Winchester) Democrat, Randolph County, Indiana, Oct. 1900 – Aug. 1933.
This volume contains a family name index, and news clippings on reunions, deaths and obituaries, birthday notices, golden weddings, military service, and general items of local history and interest.

Farmland Enterprise newspaper clippings, (representing c. 1895-1979).  This is a scrap book on the history of Farmland, Monroe Township, Randolph County, Indiana, and surrounding area.  It was compiled from photocopied newspaper accounts and articles by Chase Thomas Cook (1915-2006), a noted regional historian.  The content covers local history, maps, photos, autobiographies, news items and notable events, architecture, industry, and businesses.

Randolph County, Indiana, Scrapbook, by Arnett and Schirack – two volumes (vol. one, A-L – 1986; vol. two, M-Z – 1987) of newspaper clippings (publications not always named) organized alphabetically of obituaries published between ca. 1927-1986

Randolph County, Indiana, Obituaries 1900 – 1935, from the (Winchester) Democrat newspaper, of Winchester, Randolph County, Indiana, in five volumes, with a separate index volume.

“Newspaper Gleanings,” Union City, Randolph County (Indiana), 1873-1883, from the Union City Commercial, the Union City Daily Fair, and the Union City Times newspapers – this is one volume of word processing recorded content with a surname index, of marriages, birthday notices, deaths, wedding anniversaries, divorces, court jurors, real estate listings, and school honor rolls.  Compiled by Wilke, Katherine, (c. 1969).

Saratoga Independent Newspaper, Randolph County, Indiana, by Schirack, Edna Erb and Larry (1988) – newspaper clippings of the weekly newspaper in three volumes (Volume I, 1919-1920; Volume II, 1921-1922; Volume III, 1923-1925), chronologically organized by date of publication, covering: births, marriages, accidents, deaths, obituaries, wills, probate announcements, and memorials.